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Medicare Beneficiaries
 Volunteers & Agents

“I'm grateful to have contacted Medicare Leader, the phone call answered my questions and helped me decide which plan to choose .”

— Rose D. from Ocala, Fl


“I was happy with the service, an agent offered to visit me at my practice for free and help sort out my options before I turned 65.”

— Marty A.  from Santa Monica, Ca


“The introduction to a trusted agent that offers Medicare plans is what I was looking for and no one at Social Security could give me one .”

— Gail R. Tustin, Ca


“The info that was mailed to me after my call was way more than I anticipated, the agent even called my primary doctor to make sure he accepts my plan.”

— Sonya P. from Fremont, Ca


“My agent came out to meet my son and I to help me choose what plan works best with my Medicare and patiently explained all of the important enrollment dates and options .”

— Belinda K. from Austin, Tx

“It's one of the quickest ways for my clients to learn about me and my experience and the easiest way for them to refer me  to friends and family ”

— David K. from San Jose, Ca


“My personal website comes up searching Google for Medicare Options in my area making more familiar to my clients before we meet.”

— Henry B. from Las Vegas, Nv


“Medicare Leader has been a great resource for helping increase  my brand awareness online.”

— Sara A. from Anaheim, Ca


“Being a resource on Medicare Leader has helped me achieve just that, being the local Medicare Leader.”

— Brian J. from Des Moines, Ia


“It's been a great resource for me and my clients they credit me for all the helpful info on the site.”

— Marion C.  from San Diego, Ca

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